Monticello – Easter Weekend 2006

One of my favorite day trips was going to Monticello with Myke and Li-Ming (and Sasha!). Myke and Li-Ming were in peak in-love the entire time. My memory isn’t really of Myke, but of him and Li-Ming. Sasha and I would catch them gazing at each other, laughing, and discussing the impracticality of Li-Ming’s Michael Kors wedges for walking around a large property. At one point Myke told me that Li-Ming always falls asleep in the car (what a random thing to be smitten about, but he was smitten when he told me – they were in peak in-love!!). And no joke, I turned around after about 5 minutes into the drive home and Li-Ming was out, laying on Myke’s lap. And he LOVED it. Looking down at her with a knowing smile. So sweet.

– Jennifer Orloff