Jenny’s 27th Birthday – NYC

So for my 27th birthday, I had recently moved to NYC where my now-husband (Sasha), Myke, Li-Ming, and a bunch of other friends were living. I wore this amazing white sequin shirt that only would work on someone in their 20’s… anyway, the night was just pure fun. Sasha and I picked up Myke and Li-Ming at their apartment, where we had a pre-drink. It was this TINY walk up apartment that had a mini-kitchen and a living room that was open to their bedroom. The bathroom was off the kitchen. I feel the need to explain this apartment because it was comical. So, in order to increase storage, Myke had propped their bed up on these double cinder blocks which gave them, I don’t know… 2 feet?? of storage under the bed. The problem was, the bed was so high that Li-Ming could not get into it. To show us how funny this was, I remember Li-Ming running and taking a leap (from the living room) to try and get on. We were all dying of laughter! Then, she showed me her mini sink in her mini bathroom. In order to wash her face, she had to stand in the shower and bend over to stick her face over the sink.

So, two Georgetown MBA grads, working for  top global consulting firms, are sharing a almost-one bedroom, that’s a 4 story walkup, with a bathroom so small that you had to stand in the shower to use the sink. I wish there was a cracking up emoji I could insert into this story, because I can’t stop laughing remembering this. So ridiculous. But that was Myke – NYC is expensive and he wasn’t going to waste money on rent when they could make this work – with just a little help from some cinder blocks! And the way he owned and was confident in his (ridiculous) thought process just makes me smile and love him all the more – it was contagious. I couldn’t not agree with him!

– Jennifer Orloff