Myke was a gorilla!


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I’m Myke’s brother Alek and today would have been his 42nd birthday – it’s so sad that he is no longer with us.

There are countless stories I could tell about him, but here’s a short one from almost exactly 14 years ago. Myke and his soon-to-be-wife Li-Ming had come out to Colorado in late October/2006. As typical for Myke, he had some zany plans … which was to run a 5K charity race in Denver … while dressed in a gorilla costume!

I suggested doing so while wearing HULK HANDS … and Myke went along with my crazy idea as seen in the pictures. There’s also a few pictures of us chilling out the next morning – note Myke had his ever-present cup of coffee … plus the bacon was already out to make some Komarnitsky BLT’s.

Myke left a Gorilla costume at our house and I’ve used it several times … including the following year when a Denver Post photographer took a picture my Christmas Lights … with The HULK, Spider-Man, and a Gorilla.   😉

Myke gave it a big thumbs up!