Last workout with Myke

As many of you know Myke liked games and challenges. During the family’s 2018 trip to Hawaii I was in really good shape as I was a varsity athlete at the time and Myke had the bright idea to challenge me to a running race. 3 miles round trip to the Obama house down the beach and back. We both started out of the gate at a really good pace, wanting to beat the other. Now 3 miles is not that long of a run but because we were being competitive we were going at a quick pace. When we got to the Obama house I was slightly ahead of Myke and tried to showboat a little by waiting for him to get to the Obama house. When he got to the Obama house we both took a 90 second rest and I thought that Myke was done, but the moment that 90 second timer went off Myke took off running. In the end Myke finally beat me by a few seconds back to the house. There was no way that without each other Myke and I could have done that run at the pace we did. We both didn’t know at the time, but this would be the last full workout that we did together.

– Kyle