Remembering Myke

Myke will be always most fondly remembered by everyone who had an honor to know him. As many people wrote about him on Facebook, really one of a kind. 

It has been a great honor for me to meet such a wonderful couple as Li-Ming and Myke.  Furthermore, it is so admirable how supportive Li-Ming had been over the course of Myke’s health situation. 

This is how our paths crossed. Myke and I got assigned in the same group during the first required step of the MBA program at Georgetown University. It was the FedEx integrative in Virginia, which started about this time of year, back in 2004. Since the very beginning, it became evident how easy a close friendship with Myke could develop. A couple of weeks later, upon the completion of the integrative, we all returned to DC and started to figure out who is located where. Myke’s roommates, Abdullah Dahman and Dan Duckart, were in the same main study group with me for the first year. All three of them were great hosts. Very often many of us, myself included, visited the place both for super serious study sessions in a very rigorous grad program and awesome parties. I recall how Myke was telling about his start of the relationship with Li-Ming. We were standing outside of the apartment on a late summer/early autumn warm and pleasant DC night. Myke spoke very nicely and excitingly about Li-Ming from the very beginning of their truly perfect relationship. The Komarnitsky/Ueng family is so special in being such a great exemplar of mutual support and friendliness. It is a great honor and a privilege for me to know you, folks. Li-Ming and Myke both made the Georgetown MBA program stronger and contributed an integral part in development of integrity, professionalism, cooperation, reliability, and amiability.

Since the start of our friendship, it has been very impressive to witness how many diverse things Myke encompassed in his knowledge and interests. Business, sports, mountain climbing, poker, politics, music, etc. For example, we both liked Frank Sinatra. Myke always shared his great expertise about Sinatra’s songs. 

Myke constantly acted in modesty, respect, and kindness. When Myke went on to  become a prominent business consultant, a successful entrepreneur, and an industry leader, he kept the same easy going, nice, friendly, and kind attitude. Based on growing up in a military family, Myke had a very special honor to the U.S. Armed Forces. He participated in ROTC. On the Veteran’s Day, he sent a very nice message in honor of the veterans.

Myke’s energy always reached enormous levels. Once late at night, during one of the overwhelming exam periods at Georgetown, there came an email from Myke about hockey. As for me, I had enough energy only to read that message. 

Myke always offered a helping hand. It was so natural for him, that he could not even think otherwise. It could be a tough part of a group study project or an outdoors trip, you could always rely on him.

By the way, Myke’s grandfather on the fathers’ side was originally from the same area, Rivne region in Ukraine as me. Myke’s grandfather grew up in the city of Dubno and I did so in the city of Rivne. 

My sympathies, prayers, thoughts, and most fond memories are with your wonderful family.

Submitted by Vlad Vepryev